Welcome to Lorraine Capital

Dear Western New York Business Owner,

Welcome to Lorraine Capital – an private investment investment firm based in Buffalo, New York that is focused on investing in business in Western New York. Thank you for visiting our site. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out Lorraine’s core values and what makes us unique.

Like you, we believe in the long-term success of our shared community. We are not interested in stripping and flipping the business you have built for a quick profit. We are committed for the long run. In fact, Lorraine is structured so that we have no short-term, predetermined investor deadlines that must be met notwithstanding the state of the business.

We understand that the discussion of succession planning is motivated by a myriad of reasons. We are sensitive to those reasons. Whether you are interested in a lifestyle change or perhaps the desire for a new professional challenge, Lorraine will incorporate your motivation into the structure of any transaction in order to best suit your personal and professional goals. In fact, we have structured our firm to be as flexible and sensitive as possible.

We also believe that respect is earned. We will earn your respect and the respect of your employees. We will work side-by-side with your employees and not simply review financials from a boardroom far away from the day-to-day operations.

Lastly, we believe that exiting well is as important as operating well. You have operated your company well and taken care of its people. Deciding to whom you will exit is a big decision – one in which capital is not the sole concern. Combine our local advantage and sensitivity to local concerns with a deal structure that will be custom tailored, you can rest assured that your company and its employees will be in good hands with Lorraine.

On behalf of Lorraine, thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,
Richard F. Gioia, Principal