Exit Your Family Business on Your Terms

Compared to family dynamics, business is easy. For the family-run firm, the two are not mutually exclusive. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges family business owners face and offer flexible solutions to fit your individual circumstance and financial goals.

Lorraine Capital is Your Succession Plan

Like many business owners, the majority of your assets are tied up in the family business. You think it’s time to take some chips off the table to diversify your asset base, but

  • You do not have a succession plan or estate planning in place;
  • The rising family generation is not interested or ready for ownership/management;
  • You do not want to take away the opportunity to own the family businesses from the rising generation;
  • You want to preserve your family-named brand and legacy; or
  • You worry about weakening family relationships.

Our team will help you to transition confidently and seamlessly, offering partnership the way you want it.  We offer the capital that allows you to exit and realize the equity you’ve created. Unlike others buyers, Lorraine’s members will be the successive management team – we will get our hands dirty and sweat with your employees. We will not review monthly financials from a far-away boardroom and obsess over margins without the benefit of direct, hands-on operational familiarity. Lorraine is committed to preserving your vision and bringing prolific and sustainable success to your enterprise.

Opportunities for Future Generations

In some cases, the next generation is interested, but not yet experienced or ready for ownership or management. You shouldn’t have to choose between an exit now and ensuring that younger generations will be able to enter the business in the future. As a part of any transaction with Lorraine, we can discuss granting an exclusive option to the rising generation to re-purchase down the road.

Preserve Brand Equity and Legacy

As a business owner in a small community, your work is recognized. So is your name and reputation. You worked hard to put your name on a product and your hard work has paid off. Your name is now a brand. We enter any discussion with the understanding that your legacy is important and we will take measures to ensure that your legacy is protected.

Counter Balance Family Dynamics

Complicated business decisions can create tension in the family. Other times, families grow so large that selecting officers can create family disharmony. Providing exit capital to the rising generation opens the door of opportunity to pursue their own goals, while freeing you from the difficult decisions that fall on your shoulders.

Not all exit opportunities are created equal. Learn about the Lorraine Advantage.