Time for Your Next Professional Challenge or Need Assistance to Keep Growing?

For most successful entrepreneurs, facing the decision to sell is complicated and daunting. So is the decision to take on partners to get to the next level. You’ve worked hard to start and develop your business. It is your baby and vision. But you are at a point where you are looking to cash out so that you are well-positioned to take on other challenges or you want to bring on partners with capital, contacts, and experience to meaningfully grow. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges entrepreneurs face and offer flexible solutions to fit your individual circumstance and financial goals.

Lorraine Capital is Your Succession Plan

Like many owners of successful startups, you are interested in selling to position yourself for the next big opportunity but

  • You do not have an exit strategy in place;
  • Rigid deal terms might hold you back from moving on;
  • Exit strategies come with unreasonable post-acquisition restrictive covenants; or
  • An unsuccessful exit will weaken investor relationships.

Our team will help you to transition confidently and seamlessly, offering a partnership the way you want it. We offer the capital that allows you to exit and realize the equity you have created. Unlike others buyers, Lorraine’s members will be part of the successive management team. We will not review monthly financials from a far-away boardroom and obsess over margins without the benefit of direct, hands-on operational familiarity. Lorraine is committed to preserving your vision and bringing prolific and sustainable success to your enterprise.

Start Building Your Legacy

Money is fungible. Relationships are not. You have built your legacy and local reputation on your business and the right exit opportunity should advance it. At Lorraine, we have a shared respect and appreciation for local sensitivities on a personal and emotional level. Unlike other buyers, we do not have a “strip and flip” approach to partnership, which often includes cutting local jobs for short-term gain. Our strategy is rooted in growing and sustaining the value your business creates in the community it serves.

Flexible Investments

Deal terms that come with unreasonable restrictions hold you back from pursuing new opportunities. Our commitment to flexibility truly means your terms, your way. Our partnership will advance your personalized needs and financial goals.

Not all exit opportunities are created equal. Learn about the Lorraine Advantage.