At Lorraine Capital, we understand that intermediaries play a key role in mergers and acquisitions. Whatever your relationship with the owner may be, we will earn your trust. We believe that we offer a number of reasons for partnership.

Superior Finder’s Fee

Our offered finder’s fee is above market rate. Before referring any opportunity or making an introduction, please contact us for further information. We will be pleased to discuss the details of our above-market finder’s fee and, if interested, execute a finder’s fee agreement with you.

Continuity of Relationship

If you are a current service provider to the company and we acquire the company you referred, we pledge to closely examine the relationship. Continuity of the service-based relationship you have with the client likely makes sense since you know the business well.

Professionalism, Integrity and Communication

We appreciate the confidence you have in us to make an introduction. You can also rest assured that we will treat your referral with the utmost professionalism as the process unfolds.

Local Commitment

We are committed to Western New York. Please feel free to emphasize this key point to your colleague/owner.