The Lorraine Advantage

Prior to founding Lorraine, each of our Principals operated and successfully exited companies across a spectrum of industries; we approach everything grounded in understanding the challenges of owning and profitably operating a business, caring about employees, and developing team members.

As partners at Lorraine, we have successfully acquired, operated, and responsibly exited lower middle market businesses.  Earning trust from seller partners and management teams lays the foundation for future shared successes. We work collaboratively with executive teams to chart aligned strategies, enhance and build key business practices, introduce value-add relationships, and ensure our companies have the people and resources needed to grow transformationally.

Our structure uniquely enables us to offer flexibility in designing transactions tailor-made to each seller’s unique context.  Succession planning achieved through a creatively-structured Lorraine transaction, building the next wave of company leadership, can provide significant value to family-owned businesses and closely held partnerships. We have acquired several growing companies across five platforms in the areas of e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and global sourcing.

Acquisition Criteria

Lower-middle market companies, typically:

  • $25M – $150M in Revenue
  • $3M and greater EBITDA

More broadly than strict financial criteria or specific, limited industries, we focus qualitatively on good opportunities where we can add value.

Compelling market opportunities, visionary, ethical leadership, proven ability to build transformative value for customers, and unique go-to-market strategies have underpinned our past successful acquisitions.

Select Investments

We invest in People and Teams.

We bring resources and relationships to achieve sustainable growth.