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Mike Howard, President
BR Johnson LLC

Mike Howard and his three partners ran BR Johnson together successfully for many years.  As they contemplated how to preserve and advance the legacy they had built, finding an acquirer they could trust was critical.  They connected with our approach, and ultimately their decision was validated by our follow through.

“The thought of selling our company was extremely difficult to grasp – a seemingly daunting process we put off for far too long. Preserving company’s legacy and making sure our employees would be taken care of were two very important components.  We all knew that if our company was to continue its success and growth changes were needed. Our small company entrepreneurial style of management was no longer a viable option.

Lorraine Capital has provided this much-needed professional support and guidance. After our first meeting, our concerns were put to rest with one united impression: comfort and trust in their team. Now, six months after close, this impression has not wavered. Their team engaged immediately yet didn’t inundate us with too much change too soon. They’ve listened to and engaged with our employees as trusted, transparent advisors to ensure an understanding of our business, which vests each of our team members to the company’s future. Their respect for myself and the former partners and our employees has aided the transition. Heading into the sale not knowing fully what to expect, I’ve been impressed and pleased Lorraine Capital.”