Buffalo, NY – Lorraine Capital, LLC (“Lorraine”), a Buffalo NY private equity firm exited their
investment in Bariatric Fusion, LLC (“Bariatric Fusion”), a leading provider of health and
wellness supplements for weight loss surgery patients.
More specifically, Bariatric Fusion was acquired by Vital Nutrients, which is a portfolio company
of North Castle Partners. North Caste Partners is focused on growing consumer products
companies that fit into the active/healthy lifestyle markets.
“Vital Nutrients has been wonderful to work with and they see the same bright future that we see
with respect to Bariatric Fusion. They are doubling down on the strategy of maintaining the
highest clinical standards alongside developing great tasting products that serve our client
population.” said Marc McCabe President and CEO of Bariatric Fusion.
“The Bariatric Fusion sale is a tremendous result for all involved. Bariatric Fusion continues to
be the rapidly growing company based in Elma, NY that it has been for the last five years, and
through its partnership with Vital Nutrients, is be well-positioned for its next phase of growth.”
said Sam Russo, Managing Director with Lorraine.
“This transaction is a perfect example of the type of deal we at Lorraine want to do. We
partnered with the founder of a company, in Marc McCabe, and worked together on a collective
strategic vision for growth. An outcome like this is always a team effort, and my hats of Marc
and the team for executing brilliantly” said William Maggio, Chairman and Managing Partner at

About Bariatric Fusion
Bariatric Fusion is a globally recognized nutraceutical company specializing in the development
and distribution of safe and affordable bariatric specific nutritional supplements.
About Lorraine Capital
Lorraine Capital is a private equity firm dedicated to partnering with founders and management
teams to achieve a shared future vision. Lorraine focuses its business activities primarily in the
Great Lakes Region.

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